process management system

Introduction About How It Works

Better management of the human resources and their details are essential for an organization to operate smoothly and efficiently. “Task” allows periodic evaluation of job performances together with job costing at different stages. This will also monitor staff data and work efficiency based on budgeted and actual data comparisons.
Employees at each property will have their own profile in this system, where all their details are held. Staff duties, forecasting / budgeting of staff allocations and recording of actual execution of duties will be recorded to monitor the effectiveness of the staff.

Work flow management

Handling requests and complaints of employees, internal communication, travel and other purchase requests, etc..

Document / Data Flow Management

Recording of source information and document flow and archiving the same. Facilitates e-filing process

Time Management

Monitor staff data & performances and job allocation, time tracking on each assigned task, etc… with easy timesheet entry and powerful reporting

Project Management

Cost / resources planning, budgeting, time and capacity planning and etc…

Cost Management

Manages task / job / project cost and enable to compare budgeted verses actual

Resource Management

Using the central project pages and timelines, project managers can easily assign projects and tasks and keep track of resources and deadlines


The homepage contains a friendly dashboard showing a graphical summary of your current stats for active, completed and upcoming work


Standard reports provide detailed information on workload and performance as well as your projects, tasks and time

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