Awards & Honors

We have been using this computerized Fixed Assets Register for the past 20 years, while incorporating developments as and when necessary.

We are happy to state that their system has been performing successfully and their services have been available without any hesitance.


University of Moratuwa

Prof. A.K.W. Jayawardena

Vice Chancellor

Somro has been with us since our inception as a garment sourcing company.

Somro carried out all company registration work for both our companies in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

Ever since Sanath and the staff of Somro have been providing us with heir best services in Accounting, Human Resources Management, and supporting services to Administration while advising on strategic decision making whenever we required in both Sri Lanka and Hong Kong.

Somro was the reason our company implemented a paperless environment with e-banking and e-filing procedures using cloud software online.


Fashion Design Philosophy (Pvt) Ltd.

Mrs. Jane Robson Blanchard


We would like to thank Somro very much for their support services and greatly appreciate their contributions.

BAM Holdings Ltd.

Mr. B.A. Mahipala


We have happily used Somro’s services during our operations in Sri Lanka.

Somro provided us with high quality and professional supporting services for accounting and payroll functions.



Mrs. A.A.C. Thashou.

Country Manager

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